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Meet Your Farmers,


Madi Mushroom and family


At Samford Valley Mushrooms we are a family owned business, working hard at producing sensational medicinal produce that makes the most of the exquisite natural environment of the Samford Valley in South East Queensland.
We are especially focused on Reducing our environmental footprint, Reusing wherever we can; and Recycling closer to zero waste. We are firm supporters and contributors to the regenerative farming ethic - producing wonderful food and leaving the environment in better shape than when we began. 


The beautiful Samford Valley is only 20km from Brisbane city and the pristine environment and fresh air is perfect for growing spectacular mushrooms that are culinary delicacies with health and medicinal properties that have been known for centuries, but only now are becoming understood.


Madi Mushroom (27) started the business with her family back in early 2018 when they discovered the incredible benefits mushrooms had to offer the world.
Madi with her background in Science & Pharmacy whilst also being a fourth generation farmer wanted to bring healthy, natural and Australian products & medicines to the world realising a dream of supporting healthy & sick people (and animals) whilst not costing the earth.

Together with her family they built the very first 100% Australian medicinal mushroom farm that is entirely focused on the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ethic and supporting other local Australian businesses.


You can follow Madi on Instagram & Facebook to keep up with her daily life & all things business (search Samford Valley Mushrooms).
We look forward to bringing you and your family our wonderful products.


- Madi Mushroom + Family